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Metal Gear Solid 4 -- final logo


After leaping over a fence, running frantically from security guards and dodging an intricate series of traps, the Joystiq team infiltrated the hallowed walls that house E3. Mysterious barriers and surly men barred us from progressing much farther, but we were able to sneakily snap some pictures of the banners and signs hanging about. Hovering over the Konami booth was this Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots logo, which demonstrates a departure from the previous design and a strange obsession with upside-down sevens. With Kojima having his hands on this title, we can only assume that there's a deeper meaning to be found here.

Our guess: Snake will be battling an elite and mostly psychotic team of soldiers called the Seven Deadly Sims. They'll be post-modern virtual entities meant to illustrate how life has become a neo-classical pastiche and how technology is....yeah. We have no idea what it means. Expect Kojima to reveal the truth at the Konami press conference on Tuesday.

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