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    MovieBeam Review: A second opinion

    Ben Drawbaugh

    When MovieBeam was first announced we were really excited and as soon as we had an opportunity to check one out we took advantage of it. After spending a few days with one we wrote a review and as most of you know we were less than excited with it's HD performance.

    Jeremy Toeman of LIVEdigitally spent some time with the service and wrote a very comprehensive review that included many aspects that we at HD Beat left out, mostly because we have a one track mind. Of course when I read this I went straight to the good parts and was not surprised to see that Jeremy agreed with us in regards to PQ. He did cut them a little slack because he believes so many consumers can't tell when they don't have HD never the less judge different quality levels between sources.

    So if you are like us and can't get enough reviews of MovieBeam shoot over and check out his review.

    Thanks Jeremy

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