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Ricoh Caplio 500G 8 megapixel ruggedized wide-angle digicam

Marc Perton

Ricoh has long been a player in the niche market for ruggedized wide-angle digicams, and the company's latest entrant, the 500G, continues to up the ante. Like the 400G and 300G before it, the 8 megapixel Caplio 500G is shock and water resistant, dust-proof, and has a wide-angle zoom lens. The latest version can withstand regular falls from about 3 feet, can handle ISO ranges from 64 to 1600, and has a wide-angle lens that zooms from 28-85 mm. We have no idea whether or not it takes good pics; the point with this one is that it'll take pics in places you won't want to go with other cameras, such as construction sites and offshore oil rigs. Pricing hasn't been announced, but the 3.2 megapixel Caplio 400G went for a premium price of $370, and we expect this one to be priced above other point-and-shoots as well.

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