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Sony's PlayStation 3 event pre-game coverage!

Ryan Block

Alright everybody, we're here live at Sony Pictures in Culver City for their big PlayStation 3 E3 event which will get underway in just another 45 minutes. Mainly it's just people kicking it outside right now having a stiff drink before they enter the theater to get the latest updates on the PS3's delays launch plans. They were handing out MemorySticks at the door with PSP updates (we haven't applied ours yet -- ever hear of a thing called homebrews, Sony?), and we were told we should bring ours along to check out its integration with their new console. Stay tuned!


We tried to flash that blog gang sign but Stringer's bodyguards didn't take too kindly.

Pictured above -- billboard advertising the downloads that are allegedly available for download via the PlayStation Spot. We say allegedly, because it's hard to figure out exactly how to download the games, and because once you think you've got a game downloaded, whoever you were downloading it from via game share shuts off his PSP. It's rather frustrating, but hey, plenty of beverages and food here, so there's plenty else to keep our hands occupied.

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