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SoonR Talk lets you Skype from your cell

Evan Blass

If you've got a lot of friends overseas but no way to call them when you're away from your Skype-enabled PC, then remote services provider SoonR may have just the solution you've been looking for. Soonr, which currently operates a LogMeIn-type VNC service, has just announced a new app called SoonR Talk that allows you to make Skype calls directly from your cellphone. After installing the software on their home PCs, users simply need to dial in to their home machine through their handset's browser and select a buddy from their Skype list to call, after which the program dials their mobile using SkypeOut and serves as a virtual switchboard for routing the audio. As you've probably figured out already, although the software and service are free, you're essentially double paying on SkypeOut calls made using this technique (Skype costs + wireless minutes), so SoonR Talk seems best for  international calling or participating in Skype conference calls.

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