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StickyBrain 4.1 beta brings serious features to the table

David Chartier

After the release of Yojimbo, you would think that the note-taking and thought-collecting app wars were over. The dust was settling, the spectators were clearing the stands... even the arena lights were dimmed to that "you can go home - now" level.

But then StickyBrain, rising from the ashes, lifted its weapon once again in one of those 'kinda slow-motion, like in a Hollywood action film' ways that signified that it is ready - more than ever - to do battle with its competition.

All dramatics aside, I came across this post at Hawk Wings yesterday about a new StickyBrain 4.1 beta version, and wow does it pack some new features. A couple of them seem blatantly Yojimbo-inspired, but Chronos did a great job baking in some handy new stuff, like:

  • A new dock to side of screen called DockNote (pictured)
  • Added audio recording capabilities to Audio notes
  • flagging
  • colored labels (pictured)
  • Support for blogging to platforms that support Atom (hopefully they'll expand this to include other blog APIs in the near future)
  • Daily Notes and Journal sections that automatically insert the date in the note's title
  • full-screen mode
  • printing from any app to a StickyBrain PDF
  • support for dragging any type of file to StickyBrain's dock icon
A few of the normal StickyBrain complaints I've seen around the web in reviews and shootouts still remain, such as StickyBrain needing to install its own database server (OpenBase) instead of using something like Tiger's CoreData. However, at least on my MacBook Pro, there are absolutely no remnants of the 'it takes way too long to start up' issue; StickyBrain opens in a flash - as quickly as Yojimbo, and I've made sure they both have the same items in their databases.

I've been playing with this beta since yesterday afternoon and I have been thoroughly impressed. If you're beginning to drool, check out this forum thread for details on the latest (as of this writing) 4.1 beta 3 version. I definitely recommend checking out this beta (though keep in mind: it's a beta) if you're on the hunt for a feature-packed, streamlined app for collecting your digital stuff.

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