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The Robotic Action Painter


As much as we enjoy a bit of the artsy fartsy now and then, we are much more the connoisseur of labor saving devices. Thats why the Robotic Action Painter (his friends call him RAP) scores major points with us. Not only is he doing the whole pen-on-paper, expressing-his-feelings type of stuff, but he does it completely without human intervention, based on his own "sense of rightness." There is an element of randomness in his AI, but the robot watches its own work and looks for patterns of colors in order to decide once his masterpiece is finished. Then he signs his initials and dons his beret for an afternoon in the cafe. He's quite the abstract artist, and is strangely silent on the meanings of his work, but we're sure it all comes from a troubled childhood and an overbearing motherboard.


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