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Dual Shake functionality tacked on at last minute


That's the impression given by a Eurogamer interview with Warhawk developer Incognito. One of the questions posed in our controller comparison editorial was in relation to how long ago the decision had been made to enhance the PS3 controller with automagical motion sensing capabilities. The article states that the developer only got their hands on the technology within the last two weeks, but the actual response given by Dylan Jobe to one of the questions is far more telling. When prompted about how long they had actually known about it, Jobe responded with, "We've really known officially for about a week and a half, and we did the final tuning just a couple of days ago."

A couple of days ago? Yikes.

Note to PS3 game developers: The PS3 controller has motion sensing abilities. Just thought you might like to know.

[Thanks Kimmo!]

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