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HDBeat Podcast 012 - 05.09.06

Ben Drawbaugh
We finally take a break from HD DVD vs Blu-ray this week, ahh not really but atleast we didn't lead off with it. We do lead off by talking about HD commercials as well as new hardward including Displayport and the lack of CC in the latest TVs. We are also excited about LED powerd DLP finnaly hitting the street, err eventually. We were pressed for time this week so we weren't able to live up to our own expectations in sound quality.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Ben Drawbaugh

44:20, 28 MB, MP3

Luxury car manufacturers choose HDTV for their ads
Discovery Channel discusses the HD effect
Where have all the cable cards gone?
DisplayPort: Because what we really needed was another connector
PS3 Games: Not 1080p
Sony delays Blu-Ray titles to sync with hardware release
"Tepid" response to high definition DVDs?
HD DVD sells out in Japan
ATI sued over "HDCP ready" videocards
Samsung's LED DLPs now online - HL-S5679W
DLPs and LCDs pricy little bulbs
Ask HD Beat: Does MCE support QAM
Why doesn't your cable provider offer more features?
Hawaii is not an HDTV paradise


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