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Nintendo Wiimote design changes

Blake Snow

Nintendo unveiled a lot of goodness today during their E3 media briefing. Not only did we see Wii in action, we saw a "new and improved" (we think) version of the Wiimote. Gamespot got their grubby hands on the thing citing the following: "[D]uring our play session Nintendo reps noted that the controller we were playing was still considered a prototype, as the possibility for some fine-tuning still existed. That said, the controller we got our hands on wasn't too radically different from what we tried last year at the Tokyo Game Show, though there have been some noticeable tweaks to the design."

Here are the most notable changes from the article:

  • A speaker is now built-in to the controller to use in tandem with the rumble feature during gameplay
  • Button change: "select" now has the image of an arrow on it that's curved counterclockwise, similar to those seen in the refresh icon on a web browser.
  • Button change: "home" now has the image of a house on it, similar to one you'd see in a Web browser.
  • Button change: "start" now has two horizontal bars on it that look like the "pause" icon on a music or movie player.
  • Button change: "a" and "b" are now "1" and "2."
  • The "nunchaku" has a more streamlined shape and features a tweaked button design.
  • The controller now has some added weight.
[Thanks, Matt]

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