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Palm Treo 700p and BlackBerry 7130i to launch May 28th?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Looks like Sprint may have slightly delayed the launch everybody, to May 28th, according to what appears to be an internal launch calendar that was leaked to TreoCentral's discussion boards. It pretty much clearly outlines the Treo 700p getting launched alongside the Blackberry 7130i and LG LX550 -- which seems a little odd that they'd cloud the launch of a new flagship smartphone with two slightly less buzzworthy devices. That is unless they want these phones to ride the Treo's coattails. Either way, guess now we'll know what's up if and when mid-May passes without word about the phone.

P.S. - Did you know it's Sprint's five-star service month? All other months are apparently four or less stars. So be warned, if you have to call for support, contract issues, service changes, or anything else that might require you speaking to a Sprint rep, do it in May.

[Via Gadgets on the Go]

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