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Polaroid DRM-2001G DVR with DVD burner and editing software

Marc Perton

We know the DRM-2001G DVR isn't a real Polaroid product, and that the brand once synonymous with instant photography is now routinely slapped on everything from CRTs to portable DVD players. Still, we'd like to assume the Polaroid name means we're getting something a little different from the standard me-too offerings of other brands, and in this case, that does indeed seem to be so. The DRM-2001G may look like any other DVR with an 80GB hard drive and DVD burner, but the $299 unit actually has a few tricks up its sleeve, thanks to its built-in YesDVD and TVGuardian software. The former apparently allows easy editing of videos before burning , including creation of chapters and even disc-label templates. The latter is a subscription-based "foul-language filtering" tool. We can't imagine wanting to watch anything once it's been through the filter, but we can think of at least a few other uses for the technology -- like maybe a filter to, say, strip Paul Shaffer out of the Letterman show, or one to strip product placements out of sitcoms. Give us that, Polaroid, and you've got a winner on your hands.

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