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Sonic Wildfire for Wii announced

Ross Miller

Hours before the Nintendo press conference, set to take place at 9:00 AM PST time today, Sega announced their latest Wii title, Sonic Wildfire. The storyline has an odd literary twist: the last pages from the book Arabian Nights have gone missing, and "it's up to Sonic to re-create the story -- an odd setting, for sure, and we are hoping to see some impressive landscapes and lush oases as backdrop. The Wiimote will be used in a horizontal fashion: "Hold the controller horizontally with two hands and tilt left and right to steer Sonic on different paths and maneuver deftly from obstacles and enemies. Continue to tilt and fling forward to dash-attack ground and air enemies and to break down barriers."

With Nintendo's press conference minutes away, we should find out more soon. Stay tuned.

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