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Dirty Harry coming to HD DVD in 2007


Dirty Harry is back, hitting your screen in high definition in a couple of different ways. First up is a new Dirty Harry videogame coming to next generation consoles (360, PS3, Wii?). To coincide with the game, Warner will be re-releasing all the Dirty Harry movies -- Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool -- on HD DVD as the definitive Dirty Harry Collection, along with a host of (mostly unspecified, but expect audio upgrades and behind the scenes featurettes) extras. No Blu-ray release mentioned, however the films will on a moratorium of at least a year starting September meaning two things. If you want them on DVD buy them now while you can still find them, and expect the game and movie pack next fall.

(You have no idea how difficult it was to write this post without including some "Do you feel lucky, punk?"-related humor.)

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