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Nokia shows off 5500 "sports phone"

Marc Perton

We tend to leave the cellphone behind when we're in the gym, assuming that callers would just as soon skip the conversation than listen to our heavy breathing as we struggle to actually burn some calories. But if Nokia has its way, more cellphones may find their way into health clubs. The company's new 5500 "sports phone" not only comes in a ruggedized, rubber-gripped shell, but it also features such sports-friendly features as an integrated pedometer and a database to track and monitor workout goals. The tri-mode GSM phone also includes a music player, text-to-speech engine for message-reading, and 2-megapixel camera. That camera may, however, be the phone's downfall; we've heard of some gyms banning cameraphones, and Nokia might want to consider a cam-free version to beat such restrictions.

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