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Wii impressions: Zelda: Twilight Princess [update 1]

Blake Snow

We just spent 20 minutes of time playing Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii. The menu screen prompts a quick shake with the nunchuck to start the game, upon which your able to choose either "game" mode or "fishing" mode. I fired up the fishing sim first. This mode has a very relaxing feel to it. The controls felt very natural and really make you want to catch a fish. Our good friend Ryan from Engadget was next to me and I could tell he wanted a shot. Unfortunately, I lost my big catch when the fish was positioned by my trusty canoe, which was a bummer.

The "game" mode controls work very nicely too. You can tell Nintendo did a good job adapting from the original GC controls to the new dual Wii controller setup. Using the left accelerometer is especially fun. The bow and arrows, along with the tornado attack is a little tricky, but hopefully with time, one can master it.

We've merely scratched the surface with this title, but so far, I would call it a solid implementation of the new "free style" remote. Stay tuned for more in-depth impressions as we get them.

[Update 1: corrected spelling]

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