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Wii Twilight Princess in widescreen, GameCube in 4:3


According to a Nintendo press release titled, "Nintendo Introduces the Next Leap in Video Games," the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will feature a widescreen mode, but the GameCube version will not. This can be inferred from the following statement:

"[Twilight Princess] will also be playable on Nintendo GameCube, but without the widescreen format or special controller functions."

Is this Nintendo's subtle way of urging us into its next generation? Why does a stripped-down GameCube version of Twilight Princess even exist? Is Nintendo simply satisfying fans that are hesitant to upgrade to Wii? Wouldn't a Wii-exclusive Twilight Princess drive more sales of the next-gen console? What's Nintendo's strategy here? Questions ... questions ... questions ...

[Via Nintendo press release; thanks, Oro]

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