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DoCoMo breaks out a slew of HSDPA phones

Ryan Block, @ryan

In typical DoCoMo fashion, they've introduced not one or two, but eight new phones today to kick off their FOMA 9 Series line. We can't find much solid dirt on these, but HSDPA is definitely a part of their new N902iX HIGH-SPEED, and their F902iS turned some heads with its PlaysForSure support, and the possibility of adding Windows Media Video DRM support in the future as well. Otherwise, our Japanese readership should keep an eye out for new models such as the D902iS, N902iS, P902iS, SH902iS, SO902iWP+, SH902iSL DOLCE SL, which will have such varied features in 9 Series as Push-to-Talk, Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet services, Omakase Lock data security, Chaku-moji ringback messages, Chaku-Uta multimedia apps, ToruCa mobile shopping information, and even home theater remote control. We'll let you know as more info trickles in from our phone-loving friends overseas.

[Thanks deluxe, via MSN-Mainichi]

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