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Impressions: Visteon GBA/DVD Player

Blake Snow

We checked out the Visteon portable DVD/GBA player again at the Nintendo booth today. Here's what we know according to company reps:

  • The unit will retail the first week of July contrary to prior information
  • You can buy the thing and have it installed for around $1,200
  • As you can see, GBA games DO NOT fill the entire screen as previous marketing materials have eluded to
  • The company is aiming to sell to families with young children, hence the GBA integration
Though Visteon says they're an "automotive company," we're not sure how well they'll do in the portable gaming industry, even having partnered with Nintendo. It would appear to the price sensitive that you might be able to buy a separate GBA and car-installed DVD player at a lower price. But maybe that's not the market they're going for.

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