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Pioneer's Parsons explains why Blu-ray is poised to win

Ben Drawbaugh

Pioneer's Andy Parsons explained to Macworld why Blu-ray is poised to win over HD DVD. Andy explains that the combination of the support by major consumer electronic brands and the fact that Blu-ray has more studio support, will eventually win over consumers despite all the reasons Matt gave that HD DVD would prevail. The bottom line is that consumers only care about content, which he calls the killer app and even with a month to go until the first Blu-ray player hits the street it already appears that there will be more titles released for Blu-ray from day one than HD DVD will have after a 60 day head start.

"When you're a consumer looking at this and you see this enormous array of products that will be available from a hardware point of view, as well as the content side, it makes it pretty clear which format is likely to prevail," said Parsons.

Of course it ain't over till it's over, but anyone who went to CES this year can tell you that it was HARD to find a HD DVD player among all the Blu-ray players at the show.

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