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Trauma Center 2 for Wii launch window


Encouraging gamers to slice people open with a scalpel and prod at their various internal organs, Trauma Center: Second Opinion (cool title!) clearly fits in well with Nintendo's all-inclusive family strategy for the Wii. Okay, so it's a sequel to last year's DS doctor sim, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, meaning that you're generally gutting people for their own good. I managed to track down Tomm Hulett of Atlus USA and, after threatening him sufficiently, managed to extract the following information:

  • The game should be released within the Wii's "launch window" (i.e. before the end of the year).
  • Two playable characters will be available, each one following a different path in the story.
  • Unlike Derek (the original game's main character), the new doctor will not possess the "Healing Touch", instead boasting some other, sure to be wacky power.
  • The game was almost called Trauma Center: Relapse.
  • Thanks to the wiimote, Second Opinion will be much more intricate than the DS version and allow you to use more surgical tools.
  • The nunchuck analog stick is used for selecting tools.
  • The game will not be fully voice-acted. Only a couple of voice samples will be matched to on-screen text, much like the Legend of Zelda titles.
  • Tomm hinted that you'd be able to use the wiimote and nunchuck as a defibrilator.
Speaking of which, the Atlus meeting rooms just happened to be situated right next to the wall mounted defibrilator pictured to the right. Must be one for the fanboys.

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