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TViX M-3100U HDD recorder with HD out

Marc Perton

We've become accustomed to seeing some good looking hard-drive video units from Korea's TViX, and the company's latest, the M-3100U, appears to be no exception. Besides having a sleek, HTPC-style case, the M-3100U can record video content from a TV, PC or just about any analog source, and can save it in MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 formats. The box is also apparently capable of HD output at resolutions up to 1080i, though we assume that's analog HD, given that this thing doesn't have HDMI or DVI, but does have component outs. We somehow suspect that, if you want a similar box with real digital HD, you're probably better off seeing what you can get from your cable company or waiting for a TiVo Series 3 box -- though neither of those may be quite as pretty as this one.

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