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Wii controller impressions: day 2

Blake Snow

Having spent two days now with Nintendo's Wii controller, here's what we think up to this point. We'll have to see a little more (sorry Reggie, I mean play) before fully believing, but we're glad you'll keep using a traditional control scheme through the GameCube's controller on new games.


  • Solid hardware design. The controller(s) have added weight and feel very good in your hands. Nice plastic, yo!
  • Built-in speaker value add. While Zelda fishing, the reel audio sample was a nice touch.
  • Works well with certain games, i.e. tennis, baseball, Zelda (spin attack) where stroke motions are, would be similar to real life ones.
  • Doesn't work well with certain games, i.e. Madden where stroke motions differ than real life ones (you don't pass a football by flicking your wrist).
  • Rumble feature feels weak. Nuff said.
  • If no real-life motions are associated with a game, does motion control add value to the gaming experience? (undetermined)
[via Joystiq]

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