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Paris Hilton creates a mob scene [update 1]

Sarah J. Gim

While we wouldn't exactly call ourselves fans of the hotel heiress, we have to admit that we were still intrigued by the idea that Paris Hilton would be making an appearance at E3 to promote a new game with her name splashed all over it: Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam. We stopped by the Gameloft booth to see it all go down. Er, you know what we mean.

Paris was scheduled for her appearance at 2:00 PM, but when we walked by her spot in front of Gameloft at 12:30, there was already a line of fans waiting to get her autograph. Media was at least three deep in front of the ropes. Most of the media mob were there for Paris though, not for E3. Entertainment crews wanted a shot of her before she was to be whisked away to a launch party in Bel-Air for Roberto Cavalli's new line of designer vodka. ESPN was there because Paris Hilton is dating Matt Leinart.

The display on the wall showed the game, called Jewel Jam. When we asked the PR firm about the game, they didn't know how it worked. An entertainment reporter next to me asked the PR Firm if they could get a shot of the box that the game comes in. He said he would check on it. Was it mean of me to not let them know that Jewel Jam is a mobile game?

For some reason, the event staff had to call in about a dozen of the LAPD for support. A couple of Joystiq-ers mentioned that they were re-directed on their tour of South Hall because Paris needed a 100-ft radius of clear space around her.

She showed up almost an hour after her scheduled appearance. She said whispered a few words like "Hello" and "Thank you," into the microphone and that's about it. Oh yeah, and apparently, she didn't read the wall behind her that said the name of her game is Jewel Jam.

 We snapped a few photos then went off to more interesting things around the West Hall. Like Nintendo.

[Update 1: corrected a typo.]

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