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PC impressions: Battlefield 2142

Adams Briscoe

Any FPS gamer on the PC knows that Battlefield has a reputation. In this latest title, Battlefield 2142 tries to build upon that reputation and set itself apart as a wide-scale futuristic title focusing on team play.

One of the most impressive things about the demo level was the snow-capped environment. Everything looked really good. All of the weapons have the sci-fi future feel to them as well. So instead of running around with real world weapons in the desert, you'll be in placed in more surreal locations with plasma guns and the like.

All of the vehicles are naturally from the same breed of sci-fi. The developers have done a great job of reinventing the same Battlefield mechanics and porting them over to the 2142 time frame. This is definitely a solid title for anyone interested in first person shooters on the PC.

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