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E3 Vox Populi: Will lack of rumble hurt the PS3? [update 1]

Yesterday, we asked a few people on the show to give their reaction to the following question: "Will the lack of rumble in the Dual Shake hurt the PlayStation 3?" Here are some reactions we got:

David Edery: Game Tycoon
It's certainly a shame to lose something where rumble matters in the design context. Rumble has always felt like icing to me; it's not crucial. Not having the motion sensing at all, that's a huge problem. I'd be much more worried about Microsoft, frankly. Rumble has never mattered to me that much. I think it'll hurt them, but I don't know how much. I don't think it's a huge deal. People want to move, though. Not having [motion sensing] when others do have it, will be a huge disadvantage.

Jessie: GamerSurvival
"It'll hurt; I've heard a lot of people upset [over the decision]."

David Reid: VP Marketing for GameTap
I've never thought of it as a big deal. That's me personally. There was a time when i was deep in the weeds at Xbox when we were like, "do we pay for one motor or two motors?" I think the bigger story is a $499 box that doesn't have HDMI, doesn't have Wi-Fi, doesn't have a memory unit. I think lack of rumble is the least of their problems. Those are really smart guys, they've got a really great business, I'm sure they know what they're doing but it really struck me as odd.

"[The rumble] adds to the experience, feeling the explosions for example. It's gonna hurt them."

Roman: Industry Analyst
[Lack of rumble] is not the main thing that's going to hurt them. To me they're the loser of the show. I'm very concerned actually. Rumble is marginal compared to other issues.

Cesar: Gamerscore
"Not as much as the price."

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[Update 1: fixed horrible, horrible typos. Please forgive us!]

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