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E3: South hall walkthrough

Ryan Block, @ryan

We trust that you've been watching our sister site Joystiq for their up to the second E3 coverage, but on the last day of the show we finally got ourselves out of our hovel and onto the show floor to take actually, you know, check out the show. Being that the West hall was essentially dominated by Nintendo and Sony, we figured we'd talk a leisurely stroll through the South hall after checking out Microsoft's hugemongous booth. Everyone from EA to Square Enix were camped out in the South hall, so if you want the E3 feel in 60 seconds or less, click on to check it out.

Amp'd had a tent outside in between the West and South halls; their thing was pumping hip hop with uncensored obscenities and spinning recs. How gen-Y.

People wear weird things at E3. We learned the hard way that when asking who (or what) they're dressed as may result in a plasma cannon shot to the gut.

We didn't see the big deal about this thing -- Aerons got relly passé, so everyone at Engadget sits in a human skull throne now.

We got the "No photo, no photo!" treatment at Squeenix. Not sure why, it's not like their booth is some industry secret. Which is why we took some pictures anyway.

As per usual EA's 360-degree projection booth left us in complete awe. As our man Ben Zackheim said, "They could have that booth 30 years from now and it still wouldn't get old."

The line for...

You know it. The amount of buzz behind this game was unreal. We wish we could have caught the trailer, but were just too busy kicking it at the booths of the big three.

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