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Blu-ray discs do exist, really


Contrary to what you may have heard, Sony is making Blu-ray movies on actual Blu-ray discs. Really. Our friends over at CE Pro visited a production plant in Indiana to check and say it is so. They saw busy robots pumping out as many copies of Hitch as you could ever hope to watch (which apparently is a number greater than 1, who knew?).

It's not all good news however, as all the discs being produced are of the single-layer 25GB variety. While dual-layer 50GB discs are expected to hit shelves this fall, this presents an odd situation where while Blu-ray may be cheaper, HD DVD 30GB discs currently available will be larger. Remember those rumors about 50GB Blu-ray not being real? While "this fall" may not be the "many years" delay Microsoft alluded to , it certainly isn't as quickly as we'd hoped.

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