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LG's SH100 HSDPA dual-slider


Last week LG was showing off their new SH100 multi-tasking HSDPA handset at Expo Comm Korea with real dual-slidin' action. Give 'er a slide in portrait mode and you get a traditional numeric keypad, nudge this pup landscape and you get a, uh, numeric keypad -- hopefully using those rocker style keys found on certain Blackberries for some QWERTY-esque text entry. What we do know is that a landscape slide enables video calling which can be active while sending and receiving text messages, files, or downloading videos-on-demand. This 1.8Mbps capable phone also brings Bluetooth, a flash UI, some unspecified file viewing capabilities and what appears to be a memory slot expansion from the photos. Expected to hit Korea this June on SK Telecom's new HSDPA network. More pics after the break.

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