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Linksys releases WIP300 and WIP330 802.11g VoIP handsets

Evan Blass

Linksys has finally released those 802.11g-capable VoIP phones that we've had our eye on for awhile, although they are going for significantly more than we expected, with the Nokia-esque WIP300 priced at $220 and the high-end WIP330 (pictured) sporting a rather steep $370 tag. As you may remember, both models let you do the Internet calling thing from 802.11b/g-enabled routers and support SIP v2 standards, while the pricier unit adds hotspot support and the ability to browse the web on its 2.2-inch color display. If you're on the fence about throwing down several hundred bucks for a handset when other solutions let you use existing cordless phones on the cheap, the fact that domestic SkypeOut calls are completely free for the rest of the year may help you justify the cost to yourself.

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