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Macworld releases iPod/iTunes "Superguide"


There's no doubt that the folks at Macworld and Playlist Mag (like Chris Breen,* Dan Frakes, etc.) have written some great articles on the iPod and iTunes. Wouldn't it be nice to have them all in one convenient location?

To that end, Macworld has released the iPod and iTunes Superguide. It's an 88-page collection of the best of their best articles on getting the most out of your iPod and iTunes, plus troubleshooting, accessory information and a whole lot more. You can order your copy as either a download-able PDF ($12.95US), an actual, honest-to-goodness, color book ($24.99US) or as a CD ROM ($15US). It sounds like a great reference for the iPod-toting geek in your life (or even yourself). Check it out.

*I didn't meet Chris Breen once. It's sort of a long story.

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