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Space sickness goggles for astronauts


Until space travel catches up to 2001-level technology, space sickness is likely to remain a problem -- and astronauts can't exactly accomplish a lot when they're keeled over a space toilet a good part of the day. So, as you can see from this picture, NASA is willing to take any steps necessary -- no matter how hillarious -- to keep their astronauts healthy. These two lucky test subjects are seen catching a ride on the infamous "vomit comet." The goggles work by simulating strobe-lighting effects, which have been proven to reduce motion sickness by freezing images on the retina. The idea is for astronauts to wear the goggles for the early part of their mission, until they get better acclimated to weightlessness -- after which we presume they'll be used for all-night space disco parties. But don't think astronauts get all the fun, a company is also developing the goggles for weak-stomached earth-bound travellers.

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