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Symantec gets litigious to stop Windows Vista


Symantec is suing Microsoft to hold up development of Windows Vista, which they say wrongly uses Symantec's Veritas storage technology. For its part, Microsoft claims the suit is unfounded, citing a 1996 agreement between the two companies that gave Microsoft the right to use Veritas technology in Windows NT. However, that was when Veritas was an independent company -- Symantec only acquired Veritas in 2004, hence the dispute. In addition to asking for unspecified damages, Symantec is also demanding that Veritas be removed from other Microsoft products, including Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. According to PC World, this suit has been brewing since 2004, when Symantec first learned of Microsoft's plans for Vista. Symantec may have a point, but it seems like Microsoft is doing a pretty good job at holding up Vista without the court's help.

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