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"Official" WM5 updater for Samsung i730 leaked


This is just getting out of hand. After waiting a million billion years for Samsung to release their promised Windows Mobile 5.0 update from Windows Mobile 2003 for their SCH-i730, a few users managed to nab a build of the OS from a beta tester and have been humming along happily for the past couple of months. Now a forum user has found the download link to the "official" updater, and users hungering for legitimacy or who never updated in the first place are updating their i730s as we speak. Turns out the build is incredibly similar, slows down the phone just as much as before, and works fine when updating from 2003 and even the 5.0 rip (with a bit of tweaking on the latter). Seems another score for the i730 users, we just don't know why Verizon/Samsung won't just release the update already.

[Thanks, Jon]

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