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"Cell atlantic" personal cellphone booth offers portable privacy

Evan Blass

Out of the many gadgets and devices that have been featured on these pages over the years, the last one you'd think someone would make improvements upon would be the personal cellphone booth invented last year by Nick Rodrigues, which seems to perform its intended duty almost perfectly. Well NYU student Jenny Chowdhury, the same person who brought us that team-building Mobile Assassins game, decided to take the mobile phone booth to the next level by making it both lighter and more private. Instead of the folding plastic and metal design built by Rodrigues, Chowdhury decided to use Chinese merchant bags to stitch together her cleverly-named, full-length "cell atlantic" phonebooth, as a symbol of the structure's nomadic nature. Chowdhury hopes that people seeing or using the booth will take a moment to consider the impact of cellphones on our daily lives, while forcing them to stand still and concentrate on a call instead of engaging in the usual multitasking.

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