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BenQ Siemens launches EF71 Q-Fi music phone


BenQ Siemens has just launched their tri-band GSM/GPRS EF71 cellphone, the latest to be tricked out with the company's Q-Fi music system. The music system consists of a pair of built-in 3D surround speakers sure to rock your cubicle, tied to a ten-band equalizer, along with dedicated controls to the phone's music app. The phone itself measures 9x4.7x 1.9cm, weighs 100g, and has a 2.2-inch main display as well as a 128x64 OLED screen that's used with the phone is closed. It also comes standard with Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera that can double as a webcam, and 24MB of built-in memory with a MicroSD slot for additional storage (BenQ will apparently bundle a 256MB card with the phone). Look for it to ship in Asia in July and Europe in September.

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