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E3 euphoric over Indiana Jones 2007

Alan Rose

"Man...merman!" That's what Indy's been waiting 18 years for. The fourth installment in the big screen Indiana Jones series will find Harrison Ford on the hunt for the Opal of the Merman Prince (working movie title). Whether or not this will be the plot of the tentatively-titled Indiana Jones 2007 is anybody's guess. While at E3, LucasArts wasn't forthcoming about storylines for their next gen adventure, but they did take home a GameSpy Best Tech Demo award for showcasing the new Euphoria technology. Developed by Industrial Light and Magic, Pixelux, and NaturalMotion, Euphoria enables characters to react convincingly to their surrounding environments.

Now, if only George Lucas and Steven Spielberg can convince us that the film will ever get made.

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