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Video game innovation wiki needs help

From the site: "The goal of the GIDb is to classify and record every innovation in the entire history of computer and videogames. Because we could never complete this daunting task alone, we have made the GIDb an open wiki, allowing anyone to easily add innovation entries for the benefit of everyone who cares about the history, study, and practice of game innovation."

BBC is running a story on the Game Innovation Database, a wiki designed by a team at Carnegie Mellon University built to ... well, to "record every innovation in the entire history of computer and videogames." A tall order to be sure but the user-created content of a wiki will (ideally) allow the site to accommodate the breakneck pace of gaming innovation. Who's supposed to enter all that content? Well, you guys of course!

So if you happen to know that Psycho Soldier was the first ever video game to feature a vocal soundtrack, then there is a place for you! Video game trivia nerds, cower before the GIDb!

[Thanks, Adil]

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