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Late Breakfast Topic: PUG-ing in WoW


I'm sure we've all played in PUGs - that's "pick up groups," for the uninitiated - before.  When attacking dungeons or battlegrounds, you'll always end up grouped with people you don't know.  For me, the type of group I end up in makes all the difference between enjoying and not enjoying the game.  Unfortunately, though, bad pick up groups seem much more common than good - but even then, they're a necessary evil that you may just have to tolerate until you manage to complete whatever mutual objective brought you together in the first place.  So what do you do when you encounter an obstacle that you can't get past on your own?  Hit the local looking for group channel for a PUG?  Wait until you can get a group of friends together?  Or just wait until you're high enough level to do it on your own?

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