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Motorola and Nokia retail stores set to face off in Chicago


Nothing like a bit of handset maker rivalry, and who better to epitomize that war than #1 Nokia and #2 Motorola? With Nokia slowly rolling out their retail plan, which started with a store in Moscow last December, Motorola is jumping into the fray and hopes to open their first store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The strip currently houses an Apple Store, but more relevantly is the future site of Nokia's store, which should open a block away from the proposed Motorola site. Moto is hoping to open their space by June 5, which seems a bit rushed seeing how they haven't even closed on their prospective space yet, but since they're getting the former Terra Museum of American Art, perhaps they think there won't be much construction needed. If Motorola can stay on target, their store will open before Nokia's, which apparently means a lot to Ed Zander and co. -- and who are we to stand in their way?

[Thanks, Joe D.]

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