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UK drivers distracted by more than cellphones


By now we're all aware of the dangers caused by the distraction of using a cellphone while driving, right? Still, despite common sense and even a ban on cellphone usage while driving, more than half of the UK motorists polled in a recent survey continue to yap away. But what's most interesting here, are all the other distractions UK drivers (and presumably us Yanks) take part in on the motorways: 75% eat and drink while driving, 40% are looking at maps (and cliff-luring GPS devices), 25% smoke cigarettes, 66% are shouting and gesticulating at other drivers, 3% shave some part of their bodies, and 20% have engaged in "passion" presumably with the 33% of drivers who admit to dressing and undressing behind the wheel. The study doesn't reveal how many women are putting on makeup but 80% of those surveyed thought they should be fined... without mercy. Ok, we added that last "mercy" bit in, but one arbitrary law is as good as the next.

[Via Techdirt]

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