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How important is it for consumers to understand HD?

Ben Drawbaugh

Many consumers don't understand HD and some may never. Many experts think this is a big deal, but how many people understand regular TV? They have been watching CRTs for 40 years and we would bet that they don't know what it means or even care. They don't know NTSC nor could they explain the difference between analog and digital. None of this stops them from enjoying TV and wouldn't stop them from enjoying HDTV. This is why we don't worry about the lack of HDTV knowledge that continues to get so much press, but we're here when they are ready to learn! HD is great and we are confident that they will come around eventually

People will buy HDTV when they can afford it or if forced, will upgrade to ATSC, but if our moms are buying them then it is just a matter of time and no they won't understand it.

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