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World's most evil phone number is also most expensive

Chris Ziegler

We understand the value in having an easy-to-remember phone number. We also understand the perceived value, for some, in having a number containing "666." But for 10 million riyals? That's what Qatar's national carrier Qtel netted for the number 666 6666 in a charity auction Monday, which works out to about $2.7 million by our rough calculation. Seems an awful lot to pay for the privilege of making a dark pact with the demons that rule the cellular underworld. There's enough black magic involved keeping our smartphones running smoothly as it is -- we don't need the added stress of fire, brimstone, and sacrificial lambs. Call us superstitious, we won't be making any prank calls to this guy (or girl, or beast). But if you do -- Qatar's country code is 974 -- let us know you're safe, m'kay?

[Via The Register]

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