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EA and Jeep go for a cruise


EA has signed a deal with vehicle manufacturer Jeep to feature one of the most recognizable icons of the Second World War, the Willys-Overland Jeep, in their upcoming title Medal of Honor: Airborne. According to a communications director at Jeep, the deal is designed to "celebrate [the Jeep brand's] history while helping to take this medium to its next level".

We're a little confused by this deal. The way it looks to us is that either Jeep is planning to slap their logo all over the jeeps in the game (a blatant anachronism: "jeep" was just a nickname back in the war) and to lobby EA to place the term "jeep" in every other sentence of the script, or EA is taking Jeep for a ride.
Surely Jeep could have just sat back and let EA do their marketing for them? It's nearly inconceivable that anyone could create a FPS World War Two game without the legendary Willys-Overland (which most people already call a Jeep). Marketing works in mysterious ways.

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