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MTV wants Joystiqers who'll dish on camera

We received a request from a producer working with MTV titled, simply, "MTV Gamer show needs your stories!" His request:

"MTV is doing a video game project and wants to hear your most memorable gaming moment. From victory to heartbreak or anything related to your passion, this is your chance to tell your ultimate trial and tribulation. Please email us a brief paragraph describing your most vivid gaming related experience. If chosen, you'll get a chance to tell it to our cameras! Please respond to mtvvideogame[AT] We are shooting on June 3rd and will get back to you immediately. *all submissions become property of MTV Networks, please respond only if you are available on June 3rd and can appear at MTV in Santa Monica, California."

While it's no secret we're fans of some of MTV News' segments (like that designers roundtable), and even that Gears of War special wasn't that bad (except the forced Lamborghini scene ... ugh), we make no claims regarding the caliber of this production; however, we can authenticate the veracity of it, despite the dubious Gmail account.

Got a hankering for television and a tendency to wax poetic about World 1-1? Drop 'em a line and tell em, "Large Marge Joystiq sent me." We're imagining a half hour of a Real World-esque video diary, but instead of a drunk girl talking about her dead grandmother, it'll be unkempt gamers talking about destructible environments. Do us proud!

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