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Sony NW-E005 flash Walkman with AAC support

Marc Perton

Sony has updated its E-series flash Walkman, but if you've already picked up a first-gen unit and are happy with it, you probably don't need to rush out and pick up a new one. Like its predecessor, the NW-E005 comes in versions from 512MB to 2GB, and comes in a range of colors. But Sony has added one key feature: the new model now supports the AAC file format, which Sony is in the process of adding to all new players. As previously mentioned, although AAC is the default format used by iTunes, these players won't be able to play any DRM-protected iTunes downloads. However, if you've ripped CDs into AAC using iTunes, you will be able to play them back in the NW-E005 without having to convert them into another format first. Sony's also rolled out a waterproof case for this player, though we'd still be a little wary of taking it into the shower or pool. (Note: Sony is currently offering a firmware upgrade to allow owners of the A-series Walkman to play AAC files, but we have yet to hear of an upgrade for this model.)

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