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Surprise! TV networks sue Cablevision for Network DVR


We sure didn't see this coming at all. Seems the TV networks Fox, Universal, Paramount, Disney, CBS, ABC and NBC aren't really so pleased about the "Network DVR" offering from Cablevision, and have taken the issue up in a lawsuit. Cablevision's plan to have remote storage DVR does blur the line a bit between personal recording use and straight up license-free on demand service, but they think they're in the right with Network DVR, and that the lawsuit is "without merit." As for the networks' thoughts, we haven't seen the exact accusations yet, but we can take a wild guess. Cablevision is banking on a bit of TiVo legitimacy, and we have a small fear that a decision on this issue could spill over and affect the use of traditional DVRs. But if they do manage to pull this one off, it looks like other cable providers are lining up to follow suit.

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