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BT launches Glide bluetooth home phone

Ryan Block, @ryan

Not surprising that along with BT's Fusion wireless / landline service, they're launching the BT Glide, another foray shoehorning cellphone tech into the landline handset (this time Bluetooth). Doesn't seem like it does all the interesting things we'd hope it would, like pair with our computers or have built-in VoIP (then again, why would it?), but it does use Bluetooth to communicate to the base and can sync contacts, sends texts, and basically generally pretend to be smart enough to make it seem appealing to use when even your lower end cellphones nowadays have features never even considered for most landline handsets. That £179.99 ($336 US) sale price though, ouch; somehow even a heavy carrier subsidy (which you're not gonna get) makes it a tough sell.

[Via TechDigest]

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