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HD DVD region codes could be on their way

Matt Burns

It was only a matter of time. The DVD Forum is "actively considering" putting those pesky DVD region codes on HD DVDs. They are apparently being pressured by a good friend of ours and yours, the MPAA. The initial HD DVD titles are older movies anyways so they would be exempt from the region codes but all new release would have 'em. The somewhat good news is they are looking to reduce the seven regions down to just three to cover the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia - but not China. The land of a billion people might get their own region coding. This might be a good reason to pick up a Toshiba HD-A1/AX1 though as they do not even look for the region codes which makes them region free.

Don't forget though that Blu-ray had also indicated that they were going to enforce region codes.

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