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Venezuelan lawmakers wary of Mercenaries 2, suspect US government agenda


According to a recent Associated Press report, Venezuelan lawmakers are concerned that the US government has influenced the development of Pandemic's Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, which is set in the South American country and features missions based on real-world events. Lawmakers fear that the game supports an agenda that seeks to invade Venezuela and overthrow President Hugo Chávez.

"[Mercenaries 2] sends a message to Americans: You have a danger next door, here in Latin America, and action must be taken," says lawmaker Gabriela Ramirez, "It's a justification for an imperialist aggression."

Pandemic, creators of Full Spectrum Warrior, which is based on a simulation commissioned by the US Army, defended its decision to set the game in Venezuela, stating, "Although a conflict doesn't necessarily have to be happening, it's realistic enough to believe that it could eventually happen."

While claims of a US government led conspiracy rank really high on the 'paranoia meter,' there's no denying that Mercenaries 2 echoes politically charged sentiments that have been around in video games for decades. Remember Rush'n Attack?

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